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Your Guide How To Win Your Insurance Claim

And not lose your no claims bonus or face increased insurance premiums!

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Have you just had an accident that was not your fault?

The chances are you are about to discover your problems have only just begun!

Many fully comprehensive insured drivers just like you have discovered that even though the accident is not your fault, your policy does not quite live up to the expectations you were accustomed to!

The finer details were not so clear and consequently you may have just discovered your or their Insurance company are looking to cut costs, control the process in their time not to mention be of little help to you.

Further more you are facing a courtesy car you do not want, or maybe worse, a ‘right off’ offer you simply think is unfair.

At UK Autolinks Accident Assistance, we have a dedicated team who will help you get your claim right and working for you.

Simply fill in your details to receive the Free guide to get started and begin to know exactly what your rights are and what you are entitled to.

Remember Its Your Car….. Your Choice.

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