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About Us

UK AutoLinks is a business that was created from understanding and listening to service providers within the automotive industry, large corporate companies and the individual motorist. We found that sometimes there was a breakdown in communication between the motorist and insurer, motorist and garage, garage and insurer and so on…

We have over 30 years of motor industry experience and have seen many changes. We work in partnership with all parties involved to ensure the service to motorist is the right one and more importantly exceptional.

Our aim is to enable a smooth journey for all and always try to look out for the bumps ahead.

Accident repair specialist providing a full range of services within our in house Bodyshop & our repairer network. We provide valuable customer support services to Accident Repair Centres and garages nationwide, processing post collision assistance regardless of liability. Audatex assessments & our online estimate tools provide the added benefits of our conversion program which offers a solid base for all client retention programmes.

UK AutoLinks assist with the pre and post processes on all vehicle damage estimates regardless of liability and liaise with all parties to ensure that every client has the right of choice.

UK AutoLinks has a network of Garages throughout the UK that subscribe to our services to ensure that their clients have free additional support and the ability to provide a seamless process.

Don’t just take our word for it, look at all our happy customers…