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Euro NCAP 20th Anniversary

Euro NCAP 20th Anniversary

Euro NCAP 20th Anniversary – Thatcham Research crash tests the 1997 Rover 100 and a current Honda Jazz, dramatising 20 years of advances in car safety. “Wherever you were sitting in the Rover 100 it was bad news. In a head-on crash at 40mph, you definitely do not walk away,” said Thatcham Research expert Matthew Avery. The occupants of the Honda Jazz would have walked away from the same crash with just probable bruising.

Pretty powerful testimony to the advances in car structural technology and specifically cabin protection of the cars’s occupants.

This video clearly shows the extent of damage with a head on collision at 40mph. The results being pretty devastating for the passengers of the Rover 100.

Whilst the airbags clearly demonstrate the effects they have, its also worth studying the damage collateral at the moment of impact. The technology advances are quite remarkable, leaving the Honda Jazz with a protected cabin in terms of crush damage.

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